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* Wellington City Bus Users pay a much higher percentage of the cost of their bus service than the rest of the Greater Wellington Region
* This means Wellington City bus users are being overcharged by millions every year to support bus services in other cities
* Wellington City bus fares are too high and could be reduced by changing from 3 zones to 2 zones for the city

Wellington City has High Public Transport Fares

[Note: The information in this post is the basis for the DomPost story “Wellington City bus commuters ‘ripped off’ by new bus network and higher fares” also published today.]Read more ...

Public Transport

  • This 2017 Fare Structure Review recommended a range of fare changes including for students, free transfers for buses and free buses for rail monthly pass holders outside Wellington City. These fare changes will lead to a $7.5M fare revenue loss.
  • Therefore the review included compensatory a 3% fare increase to recover $2.1M in extra revenue
  • The supporting spreadsheet contained the detailed modelling behind the new fares and confirmed the 3% fare increase was based on PT costs remaining the same as 2017/18 at $192.3M.
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Public Transport