Golden Mile Capacity Assessment (Opus 2006)

Golden Mile Capacity Assessment

Date: 3 August 2006
Author: Opus International Consultants Limited (Wellington) for Transit NZ (Now NZTA)
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Study Back ground and Objective

To quantify the bus capacity for the ‘Golden Mile’ route from the Wellington Railway Bus Interchange to Courtenay Place.

The study will address the following matters:

  • Quantify the existing bus numbers on the route
  • Identify opportunities for increasing bus capacity along the corridor (for example, by reallocating road space)
  • Identify benefits of these techniques to improve bus capacity


It can be concluded that significant scope currently exists to reduce journey time, improve reliability and increase capacity over the length of the Golden Mile.

With the introduction of these interventions, capacity could be increased by 100 to 200 buses per hour in each direction.