Wellington Commuter is the personal blog of Tony Randle. As you might expect, I live in a suburb of Wellington City, New Zealand. I have a suburban home but work in the Wellington CBD about 10 kilometres away. While I am a Wellington City Councillor, this blog is mainly about life as a commuter (well I will blog about anything I want but I am intending for focus on commuting related issues).

My commute has varied over the years mainly depending on work. I have generally taken public transport (bus or train) but have also ride-shared and even had a company car & carpark. Like many, I spend about a hour each workday commuting and wish is were shorter. But I still prefer to live in a detached house in a nice suburb partially because it is a good home with privacy and partially because my children could safely walk to good schools.

I intend to focus on transport and urban issues. I like to get a deep understanding of key debates about the various transport projects in Wellington and other places. Transport is an interesting part of the social discourse because it is both logical and political. Where these elements are in conflict I like to explore the reasons why logic wins or power wins (i.e. when the politicians want to do something stupid, does it go ahead ?).

I decided to start this blog because debating these issues in the comment sections of other blogs and web sites is too limiting and too frustrating. This blog is aimed at exploring specific issues with more depth and detail than normally covered in other media.

You are welcome to join my discussion by way of comments and sharing of information noting the conditions outlined in the “Disclaimer, Etc.” page of Wellington Commuter.