Month: <span>September 2021</span>

How many buses can a CBD street handle ?

* For most areas in New Zealand cities the most common alternative to driving is to take bus public transport
* But plans to improve public transport assume buses have limited capacity and so we need to spend billions on rail and light rail to provide the capacity into the CBD
* Transport planning best practice says streets can support much higher volumes of buses.… Read more ...

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How many Commuters will a future Wellington’s have and what Mode will they be using?

* Lets Get Wellington Moving expects about 17,000 more peak hour commuters will travel into the CBD by 2036
* But there’s a problem because the Wellington City Council predicts many more future residents and so this may mean over 35,000 more commuters
* The commitment to handle the majority of future commuter growth by bus and rail public transport means majors increases in the capacity of both are needed

Wellington City is facing two huge challenges, how to house more people in a city with the highest housing prices in the country and how to improve transport for all the city’s residents.… Read more ...

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