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  • Wellington is growing and committed to increased use of public transport
  • But the Golden Mile Project will not improve bus capacity so how will the 13,000 future bus commuters get to are work?
  • It’s not that LGWM failed to increase bus capacity along the Golden Mile, it’s that they did not even try …

LGWM Golden Mile Project is a Fail

Wellington will greatly increase its bus usage

Wellington faces serious peak time congestion mainly because we so much employment based in our CBD. … Read more ...

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  • Wellington is an unusual city due to a huge portion of jobs being in the CBD
  • We experience serious “tidal” congestion due to the huge morning inflow of commuters into the CBD and then out from CBD in the evening
  • The peak time pressure on the Golden Mile is huge but otherwise Wellington is quite an accessible city

One could rightly say that every city is different but, on the spectrum of city characteristics, Wellington City is unusual in a number of ways.… Read more ...

Public Transport

* For most areas in New Zealand cities the most common alternative to driving is to take bus public transport
* But NZ Transport planners keep assuming buses have limited capacity and so we must to spend billions on building rail and light rail lines to the city CBD
* Transport planning best practice says streets can support much higher volumes of buses.… Read more ...

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How many Commuters will a future Wellington’s have and what Mode will they be using?

* Lets Get Wellington Moving expects about 17,000 more peak hour commuters will travel into the CBD by 2036
* But there’s a problem because the Wellington City Council predicts many more future residents and so this may mean over 35,000 more commuters
* The commitment to handle the majority of future commuter growth by bus and rail public transport means majors increases in the capacity of both are needed

Wellington City is facing two huge challenges, how to house more people in a city with the highest housing prices in the country and how to improve transport for all the city’s residents.… Read more ...

Active Mode Public Transport

Wellington City has the worst PT services yet pays the highest fares and the highest Transport Rates.

* About 20 cents in every dollar of fare paid by Wellington City Bus riders actually goes to help fund poorly used bus services in the rest of region
* About 40 cents in every dollar paid by Wellington City, Lower Hutt City and Porirua city residential ratepayers goes to subsidise expensive rail and poorly used bus services in Upper Hutt, Kapiti and especially the Wairarapa
* In 2017/18, Wellington City ratepayers outside the CBD paid 20% of the region’s Transport Rates and this more than pays for Wellington City public transport (PT) services. … Read more ...

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* Understanding the funding of bus and rail services is an essential part of understanding the value of spending $301M on bus and rail services to different parts of the Wellington Region

* Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) collects about $70M in Transport Rates to help make up the difference between fares and bus/rail costs – but not all ratepayers are being charged equally.… Read more ...

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* Wellington City Bus Users pay a much higher percentage of the cost of their bus service than the rest of the Greater Wellington Region
* This means Wellington City bus users are being overcharged by millions every year to support bus services in other cities
* Wellington City bus fares are too high and could be reduced by changing from 3 zones to 2 zones for the city

Wellington City has High Public Transport Fares

[Note: The information in this post is the basis for the DomPost story “Wellington City bus commuters ‘ripped off’ by new bus network and higher fares” also published today.]Read more ...

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* When it is finally working, is the new Wellington bus network better than the previous?

* This post compares the pre-July 2018 bus timetables with current timetables, and evidence shows that the new peak bus service is often less frequent and slower than it was before.  … Read more ...

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  • The Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) has finalised its Long Term Plan including key decisions on rates funding
  • Regional council final decisions on Transport Rates and rates funding for flood protection mean a multi-million dollar increase in their rates demand for Wellington City … Wellington City residents are worst hit
  • The GWRC will now increase the average Wellington City Household rates bill by over $200/year … and no-one noticed!
Read more ...

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  • The GWRC is changing how the Transport Rates that fund the regions PT service is allocated to ratepayers. They claim that this change means Hutt Valley, South Wairarapa and Porirua pay a bit less toward public transport than they do now, while residents in Wellington city, Kāpiti and Masterton pay a bit more”.
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